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Y-Style Nipple Clamps a detachable clit clamp makes these clamps versatile and tempting. Experience pain and pleasure in several erogenous zones at once with this devilish beauty. The Y-Style Nipple Clamp set from Spartacus uses rubber-tipped tweezer clamps on both the nipples and clitoris for amazing sensation with every movement of the wearer. A jewel-link chain adds a touch of erotic weight and connects the three clamps for sensual synergy. The clamps are all adjustable by moving the small ring up or down, providing the perfect fit for any wearer. The rubber tips can be removed if more sensation is needed. Color: Black, Silver. Type: Nipple and Clitoris Clamp Set. Material: Metal, Rubber Special Features: Adjustable.



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Vendor: Spartacus
Vendor catalogue no.: SPY-F7
Product no.: AD7428


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